Feeling Pretty

I have always been very self-conscious about my looks, especially my skin. Growing up I have never been known or described as the “pretty friend” or the “hot friend”, I’ve always been known as the “smart one” or “sweet one”.  Don’t get me wrong I think those are both great things but sometimes a girl just wants and needs to hear that she’s pretty (and not from her parents).

As I got older makeup and fashion have definitely helped me feel more at ease and comfortable with myself, and that has become a definite interest of mine, but it still didn’t make me feel pretty. I would compare myself to my friends and others and really get down on myself. Not realizing that their attributes are theirs and just because I don’t have them, doesn’t make mine any less important.

I have taken the steps to really loving myself. My body, my face, my soul, and my mind! I truly understand that for me or anyone for that matter, to feel good about themselves on the outside they need to start from the inside. With your mind and your soul.  I have taken the steps to do things for me and to make myself happy.  I want to share this message with you. Work on yourself. Take time for YOU! Do what makes you feel PRETTY! In order to be good to others you need to be good to yourself so it’s ok to put yourself first.

Take it from me, beauty truly does come from the inside and how you feel is all that matters. If someone tells you different or makes you feel different dig deep inside yourself and move past negativity and know you are gorgeous. I have no doubt about that!


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