Candy Corn Jell-O

Make sure to check out the video below!

Prep: 14 minutes

Cook: 0 minutes

Wait time: 4 hours (for jello to set)


  • 1 pack yellow jello
  • 1 pack orange jello
  • 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
  • Candy corn pieces
  • 4 cups of water (2 hot and 2 cold)


  1. Into a cup of hot water add in the yellow jello and stir until powder dissolves. Add in one cup of cold water and continue to mix.
  2. Pour into a cup halfway and set aside in the fridge to set (about 2 hours).
  3. Continue the same process with the orange jello.
  4. Pour the orange jello over the set yellow jello, and set aside in the fridge to set (about 2 hours).
  5. In a small sized mixing bowl add in the heavy whipping cream and using a hand held electric mixer beat until stiff peaks appear (be careful not to over mix or your mixture will turn to butter).
  6. Taking a spoonful of the whipped cream dollop it over your set jello. Garnish with a piece of candy corn and ENJOY!

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