Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Make sure to check out the video below!

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 0 minutes


  • 2 cups peanut butter or soynut butter
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 tbs. vanilla extract
  • 2  4 oz. bars milk chocolate
  • 1 tsp. sea salt


  1. Line a cupcake tin with 12 cupcakes liners.
  2. Taking one bar on chocolate break it up and put it in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave in 20 second increments until the chocolate is fully melted, stirring after each 20 second increment.
  3. Taking the melted chocolate line the cupcake liners with the melted chocolate about half way up (watch video for visual). Refrigerate until set.
  4. In a medium sized mixing bowl combine the peanut butter or soynut butter, honey, and vanilla. Mix well to combine.
  5. Taking a scoop of the peanut butter fill in the chocolate cup to just about where the chocolate shell ends.
  6. Taking the second bar of chocolate melt it in the microwave in 20 second increments. Top with peanut butter with the melted chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt.
  7. Let the chocolate set and ENJOY!



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