Charcuterie Board Road Map (Updated)

Hi guys, so a few years ago I shared with you how to put together a killer charcuterie board. Since then I have made a few changes and would love to share them with you. Since this is more of a road map rather than a recipe I will be listing everything that I like to use, and I will be leaving quantities up to you. Use this video as an inspiration and make it your own. Make sure you share your creations with me on Instagram. Tag me in everything that you make so I can see your wonderful boards!

  • Cheese- I always like to start out with 2 or 3 types of cheeses. My go to is always sharp cheddar and mozzarella balls that I end up putting in small ramikens to give the board a little bit of definition.
  • Meats- If I’m being honest this is my favorite part of the board. With this I am not necessarily as specific as I am with cheeses. I always have salami and then work my way around what’s on SALE. These cold cuts can get preatty expensive so don’t be afraid to shop your circulars to make sure you get yourself a great deal.
  • Fresh fruits- This catagory changes according to what season I am making the board in. I always tend to buy grapes but other than that I buy what is in season. For instance Fall is apple season so most likely you will see some kind of apple on my board. In the summer I tend to go for strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Not only are they delicious and sweet that time of year, they give your board such beutiful color.
  • Dry fruits- Dry fruits are a great way to add color and texture to your board. You can do any dried frruit you’d like and as much or as little of each variety.
  • Jams- I always tend to add in one jam/jelly to my board. I find that the jam goes so great with sharp cheddar cheese and can be used as a spread for crackers and bread happen to be serving it.
  • Pickles- OK so I changed my mind. I think this is my favorite thing to add to board. Sticking some baby pickles into a little ramiken is such a great idea. Beutiful color to add to your board and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good pickle?!?
  • Crackers- This is such an open ended idea. You can use whatever crackers you’d like. As a theme for this board I once again shopped my circulars and bought what was on SALE. It’s very rare that I find a cracker I don’t like so I usually take my chances with whatever variety boxes are on sale.

There you have it! An easy road map to a delicious and show stopping appetizer/ starter. Again use this as an inspiration and add in or take away what you want and make this your own. Also please don’t go spending hundreds of dollars on wooden boards just because you feel pressured to. Do what I do, flip a clean cutting board upside down or if your making a board for 2 or 3 use a plate. I’ve done it and I hate to break it to you, no one cared! At the end of the day what anyone ever cared about was what was on top of the plate not the plate itself.

With that being said go and ENJOY yourself some charcuterie board. Make it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or on a random Tuesday night if you’d like. Either way just make it and share it with me.


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