Thanksgiving Prep Week I

The Holiday season is upon us and this year I am more excited than ever. I get to spend it with my little angel and I can’t wait to experience the Holidays through his eyes. I can’t wait to share with him our traditions and also form new ones with him. So since I love this time of year I thought that I would share with you a game plan of how to get through it stress free and drama free. So without further ado let’s get started.

For the first week in November here is a list of things that you should:

  • Make your guest list and invite your guests. I wait about one week to get a response before I finalize my guest list.
  • If you are ordering a turkey you will want to do that this week.
  • Pull out your fall decor and do an inventory of what you own.
  • This is the perfect time for you to docorate your home.


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