Thanksgiving Wk: Tuesday

Only two more days and we will be celebrating with family and friends. I’m so excited to celebrate with Gabe that I haven’t even been sleeping, I’ve been up prepping so many things and already wrapping Christmas gifts.

Today we have a few things to accomplish in order to make Thanksgiving a breeze.

  • Spot clean the house so that tomorrow and Thursday you can focus on food and family.
  • Bake your pies (I’m doing pumpkin pie and apple pie which I will house in the fridge)
  • Pull out your serving dishes. 90% of my food the dish that I use to bake the food in is the same I will be serving in, however things like mashed potatoes I will transfer to a serving dish. Also if you’re doing appetizers like I am (charcuterie board and bruschetta) then prep the dishes or boards you will be using for this.

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